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     On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network, Inc. (QSCAN), the New York Chapter of the National Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA), I wish to thank all of the families, staff, volunteers and the community at large for your continued support in helping us to accomplish our goals.

     The Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network is proud to be able to continue to provide you with information to help you understand sickle cell and sickle cell disease.  If you have sickle cell disease, Thalassemia, or the trait we want you to better understand the disease so that you can make decisions about your life and your care.  We also want you to learn about some great health strategies, eating strategies, pain management strategies and medications that can help treat your disease.

     As you know, sickle cell disease affects every aspect of those with sickle cell disease life.  The Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network offers day-to-day help to ease your sickle cell burden.

     Our organization wants to make sure you get help finding answers to financial and insurance questions, along with access to transportation assistance to and from treatment if needed.

     We also provide referrals to programs and services available in our community, including prescription drug assistance.  The Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network works to connect you with emotional support from others who have experienced the sickle cell disease journey.

     Our new website is part of our renewed effort to provide education resources at your fingertips on how to deal with sickle cell disease and how it impacts on you and your family.

     We hope the information on our website is helpful.  Please revisit our website regularly, and don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Best wishes,

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Gloria Rochester

Founder/President & CEO

The Queens Sickle Advocacy Network, Inc. is governed by an independent Board of Directors whose members oversee the organizations operations in accordance to its by-laws.


2015 QSCAN Board Member installation

2015 QSCAN Board Member installation

2015 QSCAN Executive Board Officers

Mrs. Gloria Rochester- Founder, President, and CEO

Ms. Julie Bayley – Admnistrative 1st Vice President

Dr. Betty Carrington, CNM, EdD – 2nd Vice President/Executive Secretary

Ms. June Allison Gray, MBA, CPA – Treasurer

Dr. Joanne Sutherland, PhD – Corresponding Secretary

Ms. Barbara Flatts, Esq

QSCAN Board Members

Ms. Pollie Wilkins-Stevenson, MA

Mrs. Aletta Seales, MS, MLS

Ms. Annette Rochester, LWS

Ms. Mae Machiote, RN, MS

QSCAN Advisory Board Members

Rev. Alfonso Wyatt, DNin – Chairman

Dr. Kenneth Rivilin, MD

Dr. Deborah Williams, MD

Dr. Leon Lewandowski, MD, PhD

Dr. Jean Phelps, PhD

Dr. Marlene Reynolds-Cox, DDS

Dr. Cassandra Dobson, PhD, RN

Mr. Richard Williams, BS